Los Angeles International Spirits Competition

The L.A. County Fair’s board of directors, management and staff would like to invite you to enter your products in the 2010 Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits Competition.  2010 will mark the fourth year of the spirits division and the 71st anniversary of the Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits Competition.  For the first time the spirits competition will include a category for non-alcoholic mixers, tonics, bitters, and syrups.

This year’s spirits judging will be held May 24-25, 2010.  Judging is conducted blind and unfortunately we cannot have visitors attend.  Deadline for entries is April 16, 2010 but entries received before March 19, 2010 will receive a discount.  Entry forms are attached to this email.  Spirits will be assessed by a panel of expert spirits professionals and medals will be awarded to worthy recipients. We hope that you will consider entering your products.

Entry into our competition provides many benefits:

* A competitive entry fee of $300 per item ($290 early bird entry before March 19, 2010)

*Gold, Silver and Bronze medals awarded in each category as well as Best of Division awards and one Best of Show Spirit

*Gold, Silver and Bronze medal stickers available for purchase by the winners

* Entry includes an additional entry into our Packaging and Design Judging at no added cost with awards for Overall Package, Special Boxed Set, Series (minimum of three products entered), Container, Graphics and Special Jury Award for Unique Packaging

* Gold medal winning Spirits will be displayed at the Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits Marketplace at the L.A. County Fair and seen by thousands of fair attendees September 4-October 3, 2010

* The L.A. County Fair draws 1.4 million visitors per year

* The L.A. County Fair gives back to the community.  Your entry fees help support FairKids Discovery Club Field Trips.  In 2009 more than 108,000 youngsters from Southern California schools attended the Fair free to learn about the environment, agriculture, science, history and more.

* Online presence including a complete listing of all awards will be featured on our website http://www.lawinecomp.com after June 21, 2010

Thank you for your consideration, and please don’t hesitate to call with any comments or questions (415) 378-1674.



Rebecca Chapa

Spirits Chairman


2010 Spirits Competition Divisions & Categories

2010 Spirits Competition Entry Form

2010 Spirits International Guidelines

2010 Spirits Packaging Design Competition

2010 Spirits Special Rules

2009 Winners

Entry in the Mixers Competition is $75 per item, please use the regular spirits entry form but use the below categories and specify MIXER ENTRY

Division 700: Mixers (products used in a bar atmosphere to create cocktails)
710: Simple Syrup
712: Agave Nectar
714: Naturally Flavored Syrups
716: Artificially Flavored Syrups
718: Bitters
720: Ready to Drink Cocktail Mixes (such as Bloody Mary, Margarita, Pina Colada)
722: Powders
724: Tonics, Sodas and Waters
726: Energy Drinks

NOTE: Divisions may be further subdivided as needed to allow for ease of judging (ie citrus, vanilla, or other distinctions) and additional awards and categories may be added at the discretion of the spirits committee.

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