“Rebecca Chapa, a wine educator in San Francisco, probably knows the MW exam better than any candidate in America.”

-San Francisco Chronicle, September 22, 2006

For all her snazzy credentials, Chapa strongly believes that wine should be fun and

stresses interactive discussion in her classes”

-Diablo Magazine, August 2001

“What’s more, Jardinière gets almost everything right in the front of the house, too, thanks

to a team that includes…a sharp waitstaff, and sommelier Rebecca Chapa whose international

wine list can keep you engrossed when dishes are slow to arrive.”

-Caroline Bates, Gourmet Magazine, March 1998

“Wines are varied and in some cases daring, and the wine list includes a section called

‘Rebecca’s Favorites,’ where Rebecca Chapa, the sommelier, has permitted herself to

recommend unusual wines that fit no obvious category.”

– San Francisco Focus, January 1998

PRESS MENTIONS                      “The Death of a Restaurant Institution”                   August 2008

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for Best Rose Glass” (photo)

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Enhancing a wine’s terroir”

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enough to walk away”                                           August 5, 2004

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are talking about Wine Smarts”                            January 2004

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Wine drinkers, beef jerky and Britney Spears”     March/April 2003

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No Valleys”(photo)                                              July/August 2000

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Professional of the Year”(photo)                        2000

San Francisco Chronicle                        “Wine Potpourri”                                                                  April 5, 2000

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Cornell Wine Team’s Victory”(photo)                April 14, 1993

The Cornell Daily Sun                           “Future Chefs Honor Guests with

Personalized Dinners”                                          September 10, 1992

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