20 02 2018


In wintertime the snow blankets the yard.  The grass thins and huddles in wispy brown strands and the last clover shiver on their stems made brittle by the cold.

Yet in Spring they multiply, carpeting the ground, their happy faces rustling in the fresh Spring wind.

By summer they thrive and clover hunting season begins.  Most clover are free and easy, they don’t have to worry about anything… but the 4-leaf clovers tremble and sway and try their best to camouflage their difference.  They want to be like the other clovers playing freely in the yard, but they know they are different.  And the 3-leaf clovers know it too.  That’s why sometimes they are picked on, and sometimes why they are picked.

So when that clover is picked, they discover the most incredible thing…  Being picked is a gift.  They were chosen by someone who knew they were special.

Sometimes they still don’t understand, whey them, but in the fall the days grow shorter, and the other clovers thin out and seem less big and scary.  On cold days when frost forms around them, they shiver.  It’s getting darker, and colder and what have they done all summer but laugh and play.

The 4-leaf clover still fights the idea of being special until the first snowfall.  It starts like stardust and then builds.  First one crystalline flake falls, then another.  Like messaged dropped from the heavens soon they form a web.  At first it is delicate, like spun sugar, and then it builds up.  Strong, like the filaments that make a chrysalis.  And soon those other clover are completely gone.  The thick snowfall muffles their noise as they protest, and instead an electricity and energy infused in each icy crystal creates a low hum.  At first the 4-leaf clover can’t really hear it, but with more and more voices ringing from the snow crystals there’s no denying it.

It says, “Move on to your purpose and get things done.”  This is your season and complete paradigm shift.  As the autumnal equinox shifts, here is your realignment.  It’s your calling, you know it deep down and can’t ignore it any longer.  If you do not know exactly how, don’t worry, you’ll see soon if you just listen.  You can help those other clovers.  The seeds you cultivate, sent out on the wind, that’ is your job, they will grow and resonate with a spark in the heart.  Ignite the spark, chime the bell.  Don’t rest with what’s easy.  Don’t fall back on what you already know you can do, but drive yourself forward.

Winter will be full of dark nights, but then when you think it is darkest there will be a star in the sky, a spark and birth.  You will see longer days.  You may feel hunger.  It may hurt, and you may feel fear.  But keep going.  The other clovers need you even though they don’t realize yet that they do.  You can help them and this is your role.

Don’t be concerned with how, but rather just do.  You’ll need courage, bravery and the utmost faith.  But when you are not sure what do do listen.  You will receive your guidance.  This is your mission.

©Rebecca Chapa Nantucket 1/14/16


Camino de Santiago

21 01 2018

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The Hungry Minnow at Children’s Beach

7 04 2017

Crazy things are happening here on Nantucket!  I have been given the opportunity to run the concession and gift shop at Children’s Beach!

I am so excited to soon share a full menu with you as well as some more about the concept.  Basically The Hungry Minnow will feature family friendly, delicious and healthful food with a little bit of a twist.  While we will have some favorite snack bar classics, we will also take a spin on some innovative items that I have come to love in my culinary journeys!  Think street tacos, fries with eyes, skinny dips (dips you can dive into!), great baked goods and more!

Although the space is cozy there will also be a retail area featuring my recycled crafts as well as some art and crafts from local Nantucket artisans.  Expect to see a few of my favorite gourmet pre-packaged foods from my talented friends in the industry and a few select gift items.  Just as the whalers of Nantucket’s past have done I have sourced ingredients, recipes and souvenirs from across the world and look forward to sharing those with you!  We will be renting beach toys and chairs and be a one stop hub for all your beachy needs!

With a lot of work to go, The Hungry Minnow is slated to open in time for Mother’s Day, or maybe sooner if the universe will cooperate.  There is a lot to do to get ready.  This all fell into my lap so quickly (sent in my bid on February 27, chosen March 1 and confirmed it was a go with the Board of Selectmen on March 22!) so to help finance things I have started a Go Fund Me account, anything helps, but honestly your positive intentions from around the globe help too!

Can’t wait to share some photos with you once I get the place spruced up!

Keep swimming,



To help fund The Hungry Minnow click here.

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Headed in the Write Direction

2 02 2016

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Hi friends and subscribers!  I am sorry I have been neglecting my blog posts, but I do want you to know I have not stopped writing.  You should be hearing a lot more here very soon.  I have been incubating ideas and trying to put them on paper, or to music, so the news that I just received is really inspiring!  It came at a time when I was really questioning my path and whether I should put down my pen and guitar.  So the news is:

“American Songwriter Magazine has announced the results of their March/April 2016 Lyric Contest awarding Nantucket based singer songwriter Rebecca Chapa an honorable mention for her song “Carpe Diem”. Winners and honorable mentions are now listed on the American Songwriter website and will be in the print copy of the March/April 2016 issue expected to be released in early March.”

I can’t wait to share the finished song with you when I have it ready, it’s in the works.  Until then you can listen to some of my other songs at ReverbNation or come see me at Open Mic either in Nantucket (Fridays at The BOX) or San Francisco (Tuesdays at Ireland’s 32).  Yep, although they made me pick one location for my town, I am still doing the bicoastal thing, and loving it.  You never know where I may be!

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1 02 2016


NANTUCKET, Mass February 2, 2016

American Songwriter Magazine has announced the results of their March/April 2016 Lyric Contest awarding Nantucket based singer songwriter Rebecca Chapa an honorable mention for her song “Carpe Diem”. Winners and honorable mentions are now listed on the American Songwriter website and will be in the print copy of the March/April 2016 issue expected to be released in early March.

Two additional Massachusetts songwriters also fared well in the contest. Christa Joy of Easthampton won second place for “You Don’t Know” and James Pimenta of Taunton an honorable mention for “I’ve Seen It All.” Perhaps they were inspired by Stoughton, Massachusetts resident Lori McKenna. McKenna with co-writers Hillary Lindsey and Liz Rose won the Country Music Association’s Song of the Year and Single of the Year for Little Big Town’s recording of “Girl Crush”. The song is also up for three awards at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards.

“This could not have come at a better time” Chapa says, “Many artists and writers have less traditional jobs, so there are times when we question our lofty aspirations, and consider getting a “day job”. I was hitting one of those lows and needed the inspiration to keep writing. I needed some guidance and faith and it was delivered overnight… I got the news the very next day.”

Chapa’s song itself is evocative of those themes as it laments,

“I can’t tell you where I’m going

I don’t remember where I’ve been

Storm clouds seem to be blowing

I’m walking straight into the wind.”

Chapa is currently working on an album called Road to Know Where. While this contest was based on lyrics only, Chapa does have music that accompanies Carpe Diem. “This was such a huge surprise that I haven’t recorded the song yet, but that’s what winter in Nantucket is for. We have great musicians on this island and a good deal of time on our hands.”


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Protected: Death on the Grounds

25 10 2015

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It’s Just an Elm

27 01 2014

It’s Just an Elm

by Rebecca Chapa

I knew you when I was younger girl it’s been a long long time

Your leafy branches shading me as I took names from the line

On sunny days we would sit together waiting for the rush

You said goodbye on that fall night rustling your leaves in the cold hush


I never knew when I‘d return but thankfully I did

I was glad to see you once again and thought you looked quite big

But now they plot to cut you down and I am overwhelmed

To hear them saying casually, “Well, it’s just an elm”


Were you there to watch the whaling ships return once more to shore?

Peering towards Easy Street climbing as tall as widow’s walks soar

Did I dream I met you lifetimes ago or is that reality

To me you are my oldest friend, so much more than a tree


I thought we had a lot more time, to grow old and settle down

Things won’t be the same without you towering over the town

Just know that you will be missed by many more than me

I pray they leave your stump for us to sit when we grow weary

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