Welcome to my BLOG!

16 07 2008

I have finally decided to start blogging.  Why you may ask?  Well, I have a lot to say.  I plan to use these pages to share my suggestions for wines, spirits, places to travel, things to do, and occasionally for other fun pursuits.  I hope to add in some blogs about my past endeavors to get to know those of you I don’t know and to update everyone on what’s going on with me.  I will also share with you some great tips from my journeys past and present!  Thanks in advance for listening!



One response

7 09 2008

I love your blog! I lived vicariously through you at the Outside Lands & Slow Food events. I’ll tell you all about Richard Thompson at the Sausalito Art Fair (and the art I bought and won[!]) and seeing Phill & Stripmall Ballads (1 Shiftless Rounder) at the Starry Plough on Friday when I see you next. Maybe tonight at The Mint?

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