Home at Last to Work on the Golden Glass

1 06 2010

Finally made it home from Italy, another twenty-four hour journey through Munich, which luckily is a decent airport with good shopping, a nice German brewpub with spaetzle (basically a blob of mac and cheese like spaetzle) and good Hefe-weissen, a decent coffeeshop too, where I had an “Espresso on the Rocks” all of this mind you during a three hour delay due to, wait for it, yes, more failed equipment.  All in all it was acceptable until we had to hover over Point Reyes for another half hour due to fog.  Funny how just a half hour can really set you off after a 12 hour flight.

But at any rate the trip was fantastic.  More notes and wine recommendations to come, but for now I need to get back to some other projects including the Golden Glass Wine Competition and Tasting!  On June 12, 2010 I can get my fix of Italian wines as well as wines from all over the world that have a “green” sensibility.  http://www.thegoldenglass.com/

Presented by Slow Food of San Francisco, The Golden Glass Wine Competition 2010 offers green producers a way to showcase their products!  Entry is now open to wines from around the world, not just wineries that are participating in The Golden Glass tasting in San Francisco on June 12, 2010.  That means that wineries can enter wines even if they cannot make the event, opening up the playing field to multiple categories of wine from around the world.  Wines will be judged on their merit with either no award, bronze, silver, gold, best of class and best red, white, sparkling and ultimately Best Wine of Show.

The hallmark of our competition is the emphasis on green production practices.  Unique from most competitions, The 2010 Golden Glass Wine Competition will celebrate the efforts of over 100 international wine producers who strive to protect, nurture, and revive the indigenous and classic varieties of their regions by asking them to sign a statement of sustainability, and by only judging wines that use sustainable, organic or biodynamic methods.  I have judged wine competitions throughout the country, and although some have a special category for ‘green’ wines I have never seen such a commitment to green products.  It’s really exciting to know that when we come up with our list of medalists that each and every one is a wine that the consumer can feel confident about purchasing, good for the planet and a great tasting wine!  Winners will be announced at the Golden Glass Tasting June 12, 2010 where the trade and public can be the first to sample some of the winners.

So keep posted for more information about my top picks from my trip, and in the meantime go get your tickets for the event June 12!