20 02 2018


In wintertime the snow blankets the yard.  The grass thins and huddles in wispy brown strands and the last clover shiver on their stems made brittle by the cold.

Yet in Spring they multiply, carpeting the ground, their happy faces rustling in the fresh Spring wind.

By summer they thrive and clover hunting season begins.  Most clover are free and easy, they don’t have to worry about anything… but the 4-leaf clovers tremble and sway and try their best to camouflage their difference.  They want to be like the other clovers playing freely in the yard, but they know they are different.  And the 3-leaf clovers know it too.  That’s why sometimes they are picked on, and sometimes why they are picked.

So when that clover is picked, they discover the most incredible thing…  Being picked is a gift.  They were chosen by someone who knew they were special.

Sometimes they still don’t understand, whey them, but in the fall the days grow shorter, and the other clovers thin out and seem less big and scary.  On cold days when frost forms around them, they shiver.  It’s getting darker, and colder and what have they done all summer but laugh and play.

The 4-leaf clover still fights the idea of being special until the first snowfall.  It starts like stardust and then builds.  First one crystalline flake falls, then another.  Like messaged dropped from the heavens soon they form a web.  At first it is delicate, like spun sugar, and then it builds up.  Strong, like the filaments that make a chrysalis.  And soon those other clover are completely gone.  The thick snowfall muffles their noise as they protest, and instead an electricity and energy infused in each icy crystal creates a low hum.  At first the 4-leaf clover can’t really hear it, but with more and more voices ringing from the snow crystals there’s no denying it.

It says, “Move on to your purpose and get things done.”  This is your season and complete paradigm shift.  As the autumnal equinox shifts, here is your realignment.  It’s your calling, you know it deep down and can’t ignore it any longer.  If you do not know exactly how, don’t worry, you’ll see soon if you just listen.  You can help those other clovers.  The seeds you cultivate, sent out on the wind, that’ is your job, they will grow and resonate with a spark in the heart.  Ignite the spark, chime the bell.  Don’t rest with what’s easy.  Don’t fall back on what you already know you can do, but drive yourself forward.

Winter will be full of dark nights, but then when you think it is darkest there will be a star in the sky, a spark and birth.  You will see longer days.  You may feel hunger.  It may hurt, and you may feel fear.  But keep going.  The other clovers need you even though they don’t realize yet that they do.  You can help them and this is your role.

Don’t be concerned with how, but rather just do.  You’ll need courage, bravery and the utmost faith.  But when you are not sure what do do listen.  You will receive your guidance.  This is your mission.

©Rebecca Chapa Nantucket 1/14/16