Dave’s Killer Bread

21 07 2012

The most random things show up at my house…  My husband hollered, “Were you expecting a box of killer bread?”

I went over and took a look and started laughing…  Looking back at me was a very unique and interesting logo on the box of “Dave’s Killer Bread.”  The label sported a swarthy and burly looking man drawn holding a guitar with a dark black mustache, a bit retro, Tom Selleck-esque with long wavy black hair.  Random indeed.  But I wasn’t about to throw it out!  So I opened up one package of four different types of bread.  At first it seemed basically like an upscale supermarket loaf but when I looked more closely there was a lot more to this bread than just that…

This bread was not white, each type was seeded and whole grain in different blends and actually when opened smelled great and very fresh and nutritious.  Powerseed was my favorite.  The breads are made from organic whole grains and all four were great, it just depends on your preference.  When I realized they were all good, and some of them great, I started to read about the company.  Apparently it started at the Portland Farmer’s Market and took off like wildfire.

The back-story behind the bread immediately drew me in…  Founder Dave Dahl has a goal, “to make the world a better place one loaf of bread at a time.”  You may at first think this is a marketing ploy, or that Dave is a hokey small town baker made it big.  Although Dave’s parents were bakers, he has not lead a quiet life behind the hearth, his path could not have been more different.  Dave shares his intimate story of being an ex-drug dealer turned entrepreneur and baker with anyone who will listen (his other tagline is “Just say no to bread on drugs!”).  Dahl spent over a decade and a half in prison recovering from drug addiction and serving for drug dealing, but found redemption in the art he was taught as a youth by ultimately returning to baking.  Dave’s family (brother and nephew) embraced his return as Dave now embraces those who have been formerly incarcerated by providing jobs for them at the company, over 25% of his 200 plus workers are ex-cons in fact.

There’s a great video on his site, “The Good Seed”.  Although the company has grown dramatically since the days at the Portland Farmer’s Market, and Dave doesn’t bake every loaf, if you believe that food can be imbued with good energy and positivity then you will want to try this bread.  Dave’s story is as inspiring as the bread is comforting.  If you don’t want to wait in line at Tartine or bake your own it’s a bread you can feel good about buying.

Available at Safeway

Follow Dave on Twitter @Killerbreadman


DavesKillerBread.com 503 335-8077



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