Camino de Santiago Day Three: Espinal to Larrasaona

3 04 2018

I expected today to be easy in comparison to yesterday but I’m learning quickly that The Camino de Santiago is never really what you’d expect. My body felt surprisingly good today, no sore spots, feet are perfect, I’m in love with them. I’m happy to report that they’re still 100% right now. Hips a bit sore where they support the pack but I was told that’s to be expected.

We headed out after a light breakfast and were immediately on an uphill slope once more! We rose above the valley once again feeling the muscles re-engage from yesterday. The day was warmer than yesterday, but with a little less direct sun. I was wearing less layers which was nice because i was warm very soon.

And so what goes up must come down so after our crazy ascent yesterday and today too it was downhill, but this was no walk in the park. There were evil stairs, scree and then the worst very slippery thick gray clay, once it was on your boots you’d slide around the next stone you stepped on. Every step needed to be measured which was mentally exhausting. You also had to be vigilant with the poles and not overextend your knees! There was even another river crossing!

I tried to distract myself with the small wildflowers.

Today we are staying at the Albergue St. Nicolas, shared rooms four per room in bunk beds, divided (at least ours, between men and women. The bathrooms/showers here are not co-ed and you have plenty of space to dress in there and it’s super clean. I seem to have lost my conditioner, shampoo and body wash but luckily Suzy brought me a bar of Argan soap which is great. Now we are hanging outside with pilgrims from Korea and Toronto. Suzy broke out the guitar and we enjoyed some beers

So thankful for my feet today, they took a beating and no blisters. I was amazed by how they moved in my shoe and took the brunt of every step clinging to the trail. Every muscle in my foot and ankles was used to keep my footing down the slopes! Tomorrow we have an easy three hour walk to Pamplona! It’s like a day off. Today according to my iPhone app was 12.3 miles, 83 floors, 30,078 steps although Suzy’s says we walked more than that… we did about 4 hours in the first leg then about 1:45 for the last part. Hasta manana!