Camino de Santiago: Nantucket Bound

9 05 2018

So I’m not so sure how many of you understand my unique living situation. I was living in San Francisco as a wine professional for many many years, since 1996. My husband and I got a unique opportunity to buy a house in Nantucket years ago, my lifelong dream. The thing happened in a heartbeat. I saw the photo of the home with its blue facade hiding a much bigger house behind it in a photo in a realtor magazine one night while “dreaming” that one day we could own a home. Up until then that was literally impossible due to Bay Area home prices. Long story short after contacting a realtor who then proceeded to show us the very first house where I’d spent the summer of 1992, my first Nantucket summer… somehow this short sale home became ours and the course of our lives was forever changed. Today’s not the day to dive into the why and how we have dealt both successfully and unsuccessfully with what was initially a bi-coastal life. Let’s just say for now we are committed to Nantucket, but we still have tendrils out there in the SF food, wine and spirits scene.

Anyway, living in Nantucket seems idyllic until you consider the cost, and the difficulty every single time, of getting home. Even if there’s no weather…

I woke up slowly since I was up until about 5am blogging, no idea what time zone I’m on… I usually don’t get jet lag and frankly don’t care about it. If I wake up at night I get things done and sleep when I can. For now I was not working so I have that luxury.

I got my things sorted and in my mind and on paper took an inventory. My plan was to out most of my clothes and pack into the freezer to make sure I don’t transport any unsavory critters home. Although I don’t believe I was ever bit by bed bugs I’m taking NO chances. And I was bit by something two times…better to be safe. Luckily I happen to have access to a large freezer that is empty for the season and will allow me a deep freeze for a few days… I think I’ll wait 6.

I decided to walk the 45 minutes to South Station to pick up a Plymouth & Brockton bus to the Cape. On the way I passed Chinatown and had enough time to pick up some snacks at a Chinese bakery! Fried dough, a lemon egg custard tart and sesame bun.

After the bus it was a short walk to the ferry from there. I was very entertained on the ride by a woman talking at full volume on the phone (you are NOT supposed to talk on the phone on this bus) about her escapades with and ex lover who turned out to be bisexual. It was a fascinating tale and kept me riveted until we had to depart.

We got in early which was a godsend because o was able to buy my ticket and zip over to Spanky’s Clam Shack and get my fix of steamers (clams) for the year. You see in Nantucket the season is effectively Memorial Day through Labor Day, or even perhaps Columbus Day. I expect to be here until gen at least. Likely no real days off, no respite from the grind for the whole season… so basically saying goodbye to ‘Merica and the mainland for many months.

The ferry was quiet and we had a peaceful easy entry across the sound to Nantucket almost 30 miles out at sea. Rounding Brant Point in Nantucket is always special and I was so glad I got to see the Daffodil celebration decorations were still up.

I arrived at my restaurant where I’d staged some clothing and my husband had staged my car and my mass of keys and stripped down and into new clothes and out my pack and all my items except my Compostela and electronics in the deep freeze. Amazing to think that after 40 days and nights that you could just let go of all those items. But I have so many THINGS here it’s amazing… a lesson right there and not quite sure how to embrace it yet, but I have plenty.

My husband and dog are off in California at a disc golf tournament so the welcome was lackluster. I showered and put the temporary clothes in a bag to freeze later. It felt so so good to have my regular shampoo and conditioner and body wash and to take a long hot shower and to have a huge towel and not have to worry about dressing right away!

I curled up on the couch at about 4pm, finally home.

I woke a few hours later totally disoriented and opened my eyes to see some pretty wooden floors, cute accoutrements and nice furnishings. I thought to myself at first, “Wow, this place is totally cute, so honey and comfortable. What a nice Albergue.” And suddenly realized I was in my living room.

I headed to Stop n Shop knowing duck leg and veggies was on my mission and ran into some friends who weirdly didn’t immediately recognize me. They said they saw me and were confused because I looked just like “Chapa”, lol but of course I am, Chapa. We chatted a bit. Ran into another friend who had just been delivered a miracle. He thanked me for praying for him, I know it wasn’t me, I just maybe helped get a message sent for him, it really is his own faith that is the important thing. After he got some positive news and sent gratitude up to whomever he felt inclined to send it a turtle literally walked in front of his car. He stopped on a dime and helped the creature off the road and in its intended direction. We can create miracles if we believe.

My meal was great and I set my sights on some mail piles and bills needing to be paid, and incredibly work is at 9:30am tomorrow at The Nantucket Whaling Museum. I’m giving a new program (new to me) called the Whale Hunt. No rest for the weary but I’m so happy for the work. I’m really happy to be home!