Ebb and Flow

1 01 2019

Most people think that being in the right place at the right time is about luck, but it’s about destiny.  And we forget that being the in right place at the right time doesn’t mean that always happy or pleasant.

I was at the right place to deliver news to a woman whose life would be forever changed from that point on.  I like to think I was put there expressly to deliver that news, wearing the bear necklace I bought from her husband more than 15 years before, the one I never ever take off.

Whether happy or sad, those “right place right time” moments remind me that I am on the right path.  Over the years I have found myself wavering and trying to balance.  No doubt it did not help that I chose to live above the fractured trenches and faults of San Francisco and then more recently on the ever-swirling sands of Nantucket.  I think I secretly love this kind of life, I learned at a young age that life is fleeting and ever changing, so if you can’t beat that then why not embrace it.

I feel that for the most part I have.  I have taken some jobs that keep me tied down, but more often it was consulting, flying across the country, visiting wine regions, always moving, always busy.  Doing events that would come and go like the flowing tides.  I had times of quiet and respite where I would be terrified waiting for the tide to come back in, wondering how I had ever gotten so far from the water’s edge, and how could I be so low, and could it ever come back.

I envision that crazy castle where you see images of people walking out onto the flats but when the tide rolls in so suddenly it looks like a tsunami.  At times the universe would surprise me with some gift from out of nowhere, like a rogue wave tossing sand and spray into the bottoms of my rolled-up jeans.

SO it’s here at the beginning of a new year, with a whole new double challenge ahead that I reflect.  I am taking on a ton of responsibility but for the most part also intricately anchoring myself with some stability.  I expect it to be like tethered to a mooring, the tides will still roll back and forth and I will ride them, but I am creating a safe haven for myself from where I can look back and reflect.

I recently took a long walk through Spain, the Camino de Santiago.  Daily for 33 days I was surprised, no matter what you expected it is never easy.  Many have said the Camino is a microcosm for life, you expect a day to be uneventful, easy, and you may have a few of those, but inevitably something will pop up to challenge you.  You cannot prepare for that, but f you can learn to balance and ride the tides you can get over those waves.

The most important thing is to have faith and to know that you can do whatever you set your intention to do.  It’s just important to make that intention very clear and detailed and to truly believe it is in your best interest to do what you intend.

For 2019 my intentions are as follows.

I live with so much abundance, I have so much that sometimes it is a hindrance.  I will edit my possessions and streamline my life to create efficiencies that will allow me more time to attack the challenges ahead and to enjoy myself.

I will care for myself and give myself rest and reprieve.  I will find time to do this by delegating responsibilities and having faith and trust in others.  I have an incredible support system of friends both near and far that give me a huge amount of energy to do what I know I can do.  My staff are precious to me, and I know they will have my back and help me achieve great things.  My team and my tribe can do wonders together.

I will write and read more daily, play and sing more daily and that will bring me joy and more inspiration.

I will get my writings organized and submit them in some format by the end of the year.

I will cultivate my home and my family and cherish them daily.  I will be better at respecting my home and possessions by being more conscientious and clean.

I think that is pretty good for today.  Step by step or as Anne Lamott would say, Bird by Bird.

I wish everyone a very prosperous and productive 2019.  The year of the pig is coming and there will be great change in the world if we can ride out the tides for a little bit longer.



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1 01 2019

May you full fill all your intentions.

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