10 02 2012

Hey Everyone!

I recently hit the Renegade Craft Fair and also exhibited myself at the Treasure Island Flea Market!  I found some amazing crafters and fun stands…  Check it out…

Souldier Guitar Straps Made in Chicago

Souldier makes these amazing guitar and banjo straps.  If anyone is dying to give me a gift you know what would be very welcome is one of these!

Fomato Cards

Fomato has amazing cards with both wine and food themes and the cutest little characters.  I just love the visuals, I  logged her card and still just want to keep it lying around cuz it’s just that cute.  You need these cards…


This was a stand that consisted of both felted animals as well as felting kits so you can learn to felt wool yourself.  They were amazing!  I just love all the bubble-eyed characters they have created, they have so much personality that I think I would rather buy one than try to frustrate myself and make my own, but the kits would make a great gift. Jackie Huang Journal Bandoliers + useful stuff

These are totally cool straps that hold all your S**T together while looking really fancy, a great idea for moleskin lovers like me!

Maiden Voyage Clothing

These folks make the most amazing graphics and put them on high quality t shirts.  Since I bought my narwhal shirt it seems I keep needing to rewash it (rather than wear any other t-shirt although I have hundreds…)  Check them out…

Dutch Door Press

Gorgeous letterpress stationery

Ayu Tomikawa

Makes amazing linoleum woodblock print stamps from your photos of your dog, cat or whatever you want, such a great gift for the pet lover in your life…

Bee Vintage

Brandi from is awesome, she was next to me at the Treasure Island Flea Market, she and her mom are so fun, and she finds the most amazing vintage pieces, both clothes and home accessories, I would see some amazing coat come out and on the rack and it would be swept up in mere minutes, so it’s good to keep an eye on what she has every day, it changes constantly!




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