The Dregs

21 08 2008

The Dregs © Rebecca Chapa May 2008 


Ev’ry party has them, you all know the kind

First to get there they drink your good wine

You don’t know where they came from

Without an invite

Yeah they’re the dregs


They’re at every tasting

They mooch all the food

Monopolize winemakers, they’re really quite rude

And then they have the nerve to give attitude

Yeah they’re the dregs


Dregs ya know what I’m saying

Dregs drink all your Champagne 

It’s such a shame

We’ve got the dregs


They’ll drink your La Tache but bring Yellowtail

At every event they’re drunker than hell

They’ll even use your name for a reference as well

Yeah they’re the dregs


Dregs ya know what I’m saying

Dregs drink all your Champagne 

It’s such a shame

We’ve got the dregs


Some of you may think you’re immune

But you who inspired this tune

Unless your name is Jancis or Hugh

I’m pretty sure you’re a dreg too


Dregs can be winemakers that overvinify

They can be educators and those who just try

And don’t forget all those sales guys

Yeah they’re the dregs


Masters of Wine and Sommeliers

Retailers Writers, You’d be amazed!

Wine Critics are the worst  I’m afraid

Yeah they’re the dregs


Dregs ya know what I’m saying

Dregs drink all your Champagne

It’s such a shame

We’ve got the dregs

We’ve got Dregs



3 responses

25 08 2008
Brett Annomyces

I am one of those ‘posers’ who attends every trade tasting in the Bay Area. I get into these events posing as either a restaurant wine buyer, wine educator or wine ‘consultant’. It’s a great opportunity to schmooze with people in the trade, taste a lot of wine and sometimes, eat some decent grub.

I have a lot of questions I need to ask those pouring the wines. I want to know about the terroir of the vineyard, the type of oak barrels they use, how much time in wood the wine spent and other trivia. I need to know the birthdate of the winemaker, whether the grapes are harvested by right-handed or left-hander pickers and whether or not the fruit is sorted before being processed.

I ask brilliant questions, sometimes. “Oh, your winery is called Calistoga Cellars. Where are you located?”

“You make Cabernet and Chardonnay. Could I try your, uh, Sangiovese?”

“Is your methode champenoise sparkling wine fermented in the bottle?”

“Is your Charmat process sparkling wine bottle fermented?”

“Your Meritage is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc? No Nebbiolo?”

I shake my head up and down as though I’m actually listening to you, but then I might ask a totally stupid question which you’ve just answered, mainly because I like to hear myself talk. Oh…and I need for you to know I’m a real wine expert.

“Oh, is your Niebaum Coppola Claret made entirely of Claret grapes?”

“When do you think they’ll put Dom Perignon in a can like your Sofia sparkler?”

Yeah, it’s gonna be a busy tasting season once September hits. I’m working out to get in shape. I’ll probably run into you at a tasting…that is, if you attend these things anymore.

1 04 2009
Blind Muscat

Rebecca, this is beyond the beyond — should be mandatory viewing for every wine education class in America!

1 04 2009

Thanks! It was something welling up in me for many years 😉

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